This is the Official Corporate Blog of the GMS Group. GMS Group is today a fast-growing conglomerate spearheaded by myself, Praveen Agarwal. I believe that if you are into a line of trade, you need to be an expert with every service and solution at hand.

GMS Group comprises companies that service the Furniture and Interiors stream, primarily that have good to do with Plywood and Veeners:

1- GMS Interiors Private Limited :
GMS Interiors, a complete distributors store offering solutions in designer veneers & laminates from Greenply

2- Variety Ply and Interiors Pvt. Ltd:
Variety Ply deals with plywood, veneers, laminates and other related hardware required for the construction of interiors

3- Herrlich Kitchens Private Limited:
The key focus of this firm is Modular Kitchens. The fundamental focus is to deliver highest quality modular wardrobes & kitchens.

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