Saaachinnnn…. Sachin !

I’m sure we all do remember that quaint Black & White picture, of the little Sachin Tendulkar in his checkered-knicker, religiously gripping a cricket, waiting for action from the other end. When that picture was taken, no one in his wildest of imagination would have guessed, that this same little kid, one day, would go on to become the World’s Best Batsman. So much so, that he would be placed above Sir Donald Bradman in the echelons of cricket. For me, this can be nothing but a journey¬† of passion. This unfathomable passion is something that has continued to inspire me even today. Not just me, but a nation that regards cricket as an inseparable member of the family.

I’ve always believed that one should constantly get inspired. On that note, there are many qualities I have picked up from my idol, Sachin Tendulkar. Amongst the ones that stand out big are hardwork, team spirit, dedication, respect, and most importantly, the ability to surpass one’s own milestones. Without any doubt, let me say with pride, that I apply these values even in my work-life. Preaching is easy, but I’ve made it a point to practice them in my company, the GMS Group.

Talking about passion, let me share my episode of this virtue. A die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fanatic, I’m proud to be one of those hundreds (or a few thousands maybe) to witness Sachin’s last outing on the field. Yes, 14th November, 2013 it was. I was there. So was Sachin, the Great. At the same hotel, same stadium, and with same passion. That was not a confidence, but my will to see him, like he is. What I came back is, with more inspiration. To be good, to be an achiever, and to make it a point to acknowledge the contribution of each one of those who’ve helped you rise to success – at home or in business.

Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin.
One word that it continue to inspire me. Again, and again.


An Introduction.

GMS Group is today a fast-growing conglomerate headed by me, Praveen Agarwal. I believe that if you are into a line of trade, you need to be an expert in every service and solution at hand, reason why the GMS Group comprises companies that service the Furniture and Interiors stream, primarily those that have to do with Plywood and Veeners.

I have been brought up in an environment that nurtures values and gives it a premium. The same values reflect in our business practices, attitude towards customers & employees and the need to be fair, honest and ethical. I now head all the business units of the GMS Group, and am eager to take this conglomerate forward in different segments.

At GMS Group, we believe in the philosophy of ‘Growing with Oneness’ .We believe that if we are one, each can help the other grow. And constant growth is something which everyone desires in this world. Growth can happen in many ways: in the way one lives; in the way people bond; in one’s thinking. To me growth that’s mutual and growth as one are of primary importance.

We at the GMS Group always believe in being a couple of steps ahead of the rest – both in strategy and execution. Our motive is always to come up with innovative ideas for selling and marketing our brand. I once again reiterate that it is my philosophy to ensure that everyone who associates with the GMS Group grows with us.

We take pride in being veritable trendsetters in the Plywood world. Evidence of this can be seen in schemes like the Plymiles Royalty Program ( and the Diamond Dealers Club. The Plymiles Royalty Program ( rewards Greenlam and Decowood dealers & clients earn Plymiles for every sheet bought from GMS and redeem them for GIFTS. On the other hand, the Diamond Dealers Club is a club for the elite – the Top 51 dealers out of 400 dealers. Not only do these schemes identify and reward dealers in this business in a manner unheard of so far, they epitomise a blend of innovation and enterprise.

Through my Blog, I hope to establish a new medium to communicate with my audience and address any concerns you may have. Please feel free to leave any comments/ queries below and I will personally address them.