2013, the year that was..

As the year draws to an end, its that time of the year, when we are urged to look back, ponder, cherish, lament, pride or feel whatever, at the year that’s going by. But what each of us looks forward to with a glint in our eyes, I’m sure, is a hope for the year ahead, that will be greater than the one we’re bidding goodbye to. On that note, let me tell you that personally and professionally, the year 2013 was a mixed bag, with  lot of good happening, but also peppered with things that could have been better. 

On the business front, we have had a very busy and fulfilling year. We’ve explored new avenues, built new relations while nurturing and catering to the existing cadre. Not only externally, but internally too we have encouraged, appreciated and rewarded the GMS family so that they not only continue do the great work they have been doing so far, but also set higher standards for themselves and outdo the same this coming year. End of the day, we believe strongly in our philosophy of GROWING WITH ONENESS which basically means, that to achieve true growth, all the stakeholders associated with us need to grow too.

On the Sports front, while Sachin Tendulkar has departed from active Cricket, he seems to have left behind a behemoth of inspiration with talent showing up in the form of Shikar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja. Though one should always ignore instances like the West Indies One Day Series. So let’s look ahead at what is there to be achieved, than rue at what hasn’t been. Isn’t it? 

With issues like Telangana formation still on the tenterhooks with nothing coming out of it as this piece is written, things on the business front have been lukewarm, one must say. Hopefully with the Assembly elections round the corner, there seems to be a wee bit of hope one can look forward to. Whatever said, but we as citizens should take it upon ourselves to keep the wheels of life chugging, as we’ve been doing all along.

On a parting note, the world has been left in a void with the passing of the Great Nelson Mandela. Truly, his principles, his fight for a better South Africa, and a better world, is more than inspiring. His thinking will live on and am sure will be a great lesson for our children and the generations to come. One has to immortalise him with books, videos and whatever material we could lay our hands on, to share it with our future.

So that’s all for now. While one cannot stop what’s destined, I believe one can at least make the future better. Here’s looking forward to a Happier New Year.


Saaachinnnn…. Sachin !

I’m sure we all do remember that quaint Black & White picture, of the little Sachin Tendulkar in his checkered-knicker, religiously gripping a cricket, waiting for action from the other end. When that picture was taken, no one in his wildest of imagination would have guessed, that this same little kid, one day, would go on to become the World’s Best Batsman. So much so, that he would be placed above Sir Donald Bradman in the echelons of cricket. For me, this can be nothing but a journey  of passion. This unfathomable passion is something that has continued to inspire me even today. Not just me, but a nation that regards cricket as an inseparable member of the family.

I’ve always believed that one should constantly get inspired. On that note, there are many qualities I have picked up from my idol, Sachin Tendulkar. Amongst the ones that stand out big are hardwork, team spirit, dedication, respect, and most importantly, the ability to surpass one’s own milestones. Without any doubt, let me say with pride, that I apply these values even in my work-life. Preaching is easy, but I’ve made it a point to practice them in my company, the GMS Group.

Talking about passion, let me share my episode of this virtue. A die-hard Sachin Tendulkar fanatic, I’m proud to be one of those hundreds (or a few thousands maybe) to witness Sachin’s last outing on the field. Yes, 14th November, 2013 it was. I was there. So was Sachin, the Great. At the same hotel, same stadium, and with same passion. That was not a confidence, but my will to see him, like he is. What I came back is, with more inspiration. To be good, to be an achiever, and to make it a point to acknowledge the contribution of each one of those who’ve helped you rise to success – at home or in business.

Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin, Sachin Sachin.
One word that it continue to inspire me. Again, and again.